Value and market of sports hubs

3rd session
Apr 16 / 2021
Online via Zoom

Workshop of experts in the valorization of innovative projects, stratups and sports marketing. Organized by the Sabadell City Council, with the collaboration of the PRUAB, the IRE, the CORE of Smart Cities of the UAB and the Hub B30.

The first and second morning of innovation on the SBD Esport Hub dealt with the city's map of sports-related assets, the possible functions of a hub, and the main technical and organizational challenges of this initiative. .
Taking them as a starting point, the third morning is dedicated to the SBD Esport Hub specialization, and delves into the economic challenges of the project.
With the help of consolidated companies, as well as representatives of startups, we will review the possibilities of promoting tractor projects, as well as differentiation in a very diverse innovation market, where areas of knowledge such as the following converge:
  • Sports and health / wellness solutions
  • eSports (video games)
  • Sports Performance Solutions
  • Sport and tourism
  • Sports equipment
  • Technical textiles for sports
  • Management of events and sports spaces
  • Marketing and communication of the sports sector
Brief presentations by renowned experts on these matters will allow us to continue focusing on essential issues, such as the beneficiaries and the value proposition of the SBD Esport Hub.