New packaging solutions for fresh foods

Jul 06 / 2018
Sala Polivalent · UAB Research Park

IRTA and Carburos Metálicos presented their project collaboration for the development of a food container with a gas atmosphere.

Consumer life style changes are bringing about a demand for fresh foods of animal and vegetable origin with longer storage times, packaged in disposable containers that are open or transparent or which can be easily resealed, that guarantee the nutritional value of food with natural ingredients and minimise environmental impact.

Subjected to considerable pressure to reduce the volume of the material used in containers and packaging to confront the progressive emphasis on sustainability, food packaging companies strive to find a balance between investing in innovation and maintaining price levels. They seek solutions related to flexible containers with biodegradable, easily recyclable packaging materials that are compatible with the trend towards high performance and high protection materials that save costs throughout the value chain and enable freedom of design and fast printing.

In this context of constant innovation, active containers are also becoming increasingly relevant. These food/packaging/environment systems act in conjunction to maintain -or even improve- the healthiness, organoleptic properties and quality of the packaged food by incorporating a of active agents that contribute to inhibiting oxidation, the growth of micro-organisms, eliminate ethylene, control moisture, taste and odour.


Ignasi Papell


Head of Business Development of Food Market at Eurecat 

Sonia Guri

Carburos Metálicos Engineer

Elsa Lloret Fortuny

Researcher at the Institute for Agri-Food Research and Technology (IRTA)