B30 Territory

The B-30 is one of the key industrial hubs for innovation, research and entrepreneurship in Southern Europe. The name of B-30 comes from B30 highway, which is one of the most important traffic hubs in all of Catalonia. It has a population of 1 million inhabitants, distributed in 23 municipalities. There are around 1,300 industrial sector companies that have a medium-high/high level of technology and place a clear emphasis on exportation.

It is therefore an area of great economic vitality, and offers a wide range of opportunities to companies and economic actors. 


Some figures

an area of 485 km2

7.000 ha. of industrial land

1.031.842 inhabitants

30.173 companies

387.478 employees

195 economic activity areas

24 business centers and areas of economic activity

15 university centers

In the B30 there are more than 60 research centers, mostly members of the Autonomous University of Barcelona Sphere, about 10 science and technology parks and 15 university centers are located in the area around the B30, leading the advanced educational strategy of the region. For example, the Alba Synchroton is a global point of reference for the research and development of new technologies. It is the engine of scientific and corporate competitiveness not only for Catalonia and Spain, but for Southern Europe as a whole.